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tatar biftek

Our philosophy

Creating outside the box has been our mission from the very beginning. Although exceptionally challenging at first glance, especially breaking traditional boundaries of Dalmatian cuisine, which is characterized by superb delicacies but also exceptional knowledge of our grandparents who left an indelible mark in Mediterranean gastronomy, with each of our dishes we try to keep that value and not only meet the expectations of our guests but also offer something new and unforgettable thus continuing the path of all those gastro lovers and visionaries who came before and will come after us.

tatar biftek

What do we offer?

Restaurant K.užina offers you a combination of tradition and innovation with a signature cuisine our grandmothers and grandfathers who left a deep mark and love for dishes from our surroundings, both from the sea and from the land. We have translated Dalmatian landscape with all its blessing, colorfulness and God-given delicacies into our carefully created menu on which, we believe, everyone can find something for themselves.


How to reach us?

K.užina is located in the center of Split near the main square, and you can enjoy our dishes in an interesting indoor space or outdoors terrace in the romantic ambience of the old Split core.

Working hours

Mon. - 12h do 23h

Tue. - 12h do 23h

Wen. - 12h do 23h

Thu. - 12h do 23h

Fri. - 12h do 23h

Sat. - 12h do 23h